Animation by Rosie Wyllie
Music and Sound by Katharine Seaton
Interpreted by Hady Bayoumi
Narrated by Karim Krofli
Produced and edited by Katharine Seaton
When you are a popular man in a friendly village; when you own a successful restaurant; when you live at the centre of your extended family and your many friends; when daily life is strolling about in the sunshine, bringing with you coffee and animated conversation... why would you ever want to leave?

And, if you did leave, where would you be living, really: the place in which you find yourself, or the lost places constantly in your mind?

Suspended shows the story, through his own eyes and ears, of one man who had to flee Syria. It wanders through memories both traumatic and longingly fond, using dream-like animation and immersive sound and music.

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